Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lots a stuff happening round here

OK well lots of stuff is happening here from scrapping to bdays.
I logged onto the For keeps website the other day and realise that I was one of Five that had won the online monthly competition. yay I was so excited I was jumping up and down Anthony didn't really understand LOL. I went out o the scrap shop as Wendy the owner was one of the winners as well.

How cool.

Here is the LO I did that won

Amy has also turned ONE. I still can't believe that little girl is one where did the last twelve months go. The Boys are looking forward to seeing her again and spending some time with her, and of course have Lukes bday with her. So much for Fathers day this year Lukes bday is on the same day.

Have also been working on some presents for a few people but of course fathers day again get put on the back burner LOL.

This is for Benjamins first bday

And this one for Nan, and I have just realise that she is 89 this year. Wow she is doing so well for someone who is 89. Love her so much but we don't get to see here that often.

OK well better leave it at that tonight hope to have some more pics after the weekend.



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