Tuesday, August 08, 2006

back again

OK well not much more has been happening here.
Got my two LO's nearly finish and will show one of them. My Jack page it is just a snapshot of who he is today. I am quite happy with it.

We have had a nice sunny day here but haven't been outside much as Luke had a good arfternoon sleep and Jack played inside. Managed to get to myer without the boys while MIL looked after the boys but then had to go back with them anyway as had to take back the surf shoes for Jack, they were way to big.

Also did a bit of looking on the net about South Mole Isalnd, we head off next Wednesday adn I am getting so excited. I even got the boys clothes out today, mainly shorts and Ts. I can't wait it is going to be great.

OK enough ramblings for now I need to clean up so I can scrap some more.



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