Thursday, May 04, 2006

5 years old

How did that happen my little man has turned 5. Seems like yesterday that he was first smiling and learning to crawl and walk and talk, Now he can do it all and some. We had a great day for his birthday party and I even made a Darth Vader cake. Rather interesting looking but he LOVED it. Luke also loved the cake he would have eaten more if I had of let him LOL
The night of his actual birthday he was given a choice of what he wanted for tea. After we decided that Roast pork was to hard to cook cause we were at kinder that arvo he wanted sausages and beans but then decided on Pizza. Great easy choice thank goodness. We had ice cream cake for dessert and both boys had a great night.

Well thats about it. Will fill you in one Anthonys birthday next time.
Nighty night


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