Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lots a stuff happening round here

OK well lots of stuff is happening here from scrapping to bdays.
I logged onto the For keeps website the other day and realise that I was one of Five that had won the online monthly competition. yay I was so excited I was jumping up and down Anthony didn't really understand LOL. I went out o the scrap shop as Wendy the owner was one of the winners as well.

How cool.

Here is the LO I did that won

Amy has also turned ONE. I still can't believe that little girl is one where did the last twelve months go. The Boys are looking forward to seeing her again and spending some time with her, and of course have Lukes bday with her. So much for Fathers day this year Lukes bday is on the same day.

Have also been working on some presents for a few people but of course fathers day again get put on the back burner LOL.

This is for Benjamins first bday

And this one for Nan, and I have just realise that she is 89 this year. Wow she is doing so well for someone who is 89. Love her so much but we don't get to see here that often.

OK well better leave it at that tonight hope to have some more pics after the weekend.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Been a while

Well I still haven't worked out how to get back here to blog everyday, but I think I would rather look at scrapping stuff and update ocassionally so that is what I am doing.

We have been in the whitsundays for a week and the break was so nice. It was also nice to have Anthony home for a few extra days as I have had a chance to sort out some of the stuff downstairs.

Got some great pics while we were away and the boys had a ball. they went in kids club every morning for 2 hours and Anthony and I were able to go swimming, snorkelling and bushwalking while they were there. In the arvo Luke had a nap so one of us had to stay in the room. Jack usually had daddy time. He learnt archery, played golf and had drink with mummy when daddy was with Luke.

Jack also had a few girls hearts, one actually cried and didn't want to leave Jack LOL he got a free massage and would no doubt be able to get a free holiday if he wanted. Oh he also went snorkelling in the reef and was so excited with what he saw. Both boys were fantastic and had a ball as Anthony and I did.

Just had to pop a pic of Luke in playing golf infact I think it is the only way to play golf LOL

OK Jack is being a pain and Luke needs some sleep I will be back


Friday, August 11, 2006

what a mess!

OK this place is giving me the Sh*ts all I seem to do is clean the house working from one room to the other and then come back in its a mess. Damn kids!

Didn't do any scrapping last night but have done 2 LO's for the EDM comp for the month so I am getting them done. Have to finish the last one before we go away next Wed.

Can believe we go to Sout Mole Island next week yay!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Bugger Anthony has to work on Sat but I will make up for it Sunday as I am going to scrap at Paper doll for 3 hours on Sunday. Hoping to get the third LO done there. I have spent so much money on scrap stuff it is a joke I really do have to stop.

OK well Luke is harassing me and he smells so I will leave it at that.

Cheers Susan

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

back again

OK well not much more has been happening here.
Got my two LO's nearly finish and will show one of them. My Jack page it is just a snapshot of who he is today. I am quite happy with it.

We have had a nice sunny day here but haven't been outside much as Luke had a good arfternoon sleep and Jack played inside. Managed to get to myer without the boys while MIL looked after the boys but then had to go back with them anyway as had to take back the surf shoes for Jack, they were way to big.

Also did a bit of looking on the net about South Mole Isalnd, we head off next Wednesday adn I am getting so excited. I even got the boys clothes out today, mainly shorts and Ts. I can't wait it is going to be great.

OK enough ramblings for now I need to clean up so I can scrap some more.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Been A long time

Well I have not been in here for so damn long, why do I have a blog?
I was going to use it to keep in touch with family and friends and have found that I am preoccupied with other crap and forget to blog.

OK well I need to start a fresh.

We have all been ill for a while now but I am hoping I got it early. I don't need to be on antibiotics like Luke. The poor little bugger has had two weeks worth now but much brighter. Jack is still a bit pale and washed out and hoping he will pick up before our holiday.

mmm yes our holiday in just over a week, off to South Mole Island yeah can't wait it is going to be so nice. we have kids club for two hours a day (i think) and the boys are going to love it.

And on the scrapping front, I have also been working on the Everday moment competition in the for keeps magazine and really enjoying it. I have three LOs done for July and working on the three for august and loving it.
Will have to get organised and post some pics at some stage

anyway Luke is climbing on the coffee table so best be off.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

5 years old

How did that happen my little man has turned 5. Seems like yesterday that he was first smiling and learning to crawl and walk and talk, Now he can do it all and some. We had a great day for his birthday party and I even made a Darth Vader cake. Rather interesting looking but he LOVED it. Luke also loved the cake he would have eaten more if I had of let him LOL
The night of his actual birthday he was given a choice of what he wanted for tea. After we decided that Roast pork was to hard to cook cause we were at kinder that arvo he wanted sausages and beans but then decided on Pizza. Great easy choice thank goodness. We had ice cream cake for dessert and both boys had a great night.

Well thats about it. Will fill you in one Anthonys birthday next time.
Nighty night

new to the blog

OK I am just sorting my way thru this whole blog thing and I have no idea what I am doing arghhhhh. I can only hope that this works as it is a way to keep in touch with family and let them in on the exciting and plain old boring happenings of our family. Kylie I do hope you enjoy reading about the boys and there day to day adventures as well as all the other crap that will get added not to mention my scrapping LOL.

So lets get this blog rolling..........