Friday, August 11, 2006

what a mess!

OK this place is giving me the Sh*ts all I seem to do is clean the house working from one room to the other and then come back in its a mess. Damn kids!

Didn't do any scrapping last night but have done 2 LO's for the EDM comp for the month so I am getting them done. Have to finish the last one before we go away next Wed.

Can believe we go to Sout Mole Island next week yay!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Bugger Anthony has to work on Sat but I will make up for it Sunday as I am going to scrap at Paper doll for 3 hours on Sunday. Hoping to get the third LO done there. I have spent so much money on scrap stuff it is a joke I really do have to stop.

OK well Luke is harassing me and he smells so I will leave it at that.

Cheers Susan


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